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Reversible Black Pink Satin Bomber Jacket

Reversible Black Pink Satin Bomber Jacket

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Crave designer style without the huge price tag? Problem solved....

The reversible Satin and Sox Bomber Jacket in Pink and White,can be worn as black and pink with a gorgeous unique Japanese Sakura Flower embroidery, or turn it inside out to wear it as a lovely pink and white 'Pink Ladies' style jacket. 

Perfect for festivals, camping trips and summer nights out, this warm lightweight durable bomber jacket folds easily into your bag or back pack. The satin material is cool in the warm weather, but with the double lined satin this jacket can warm you up too. And you won't have to worry about wearing the same jacket again and again, just turn it inside out to create a whole new look with the reversible option.  

You can't beat the price and the guaranteed quality. Satin and Sox offer a full money back guarantee if you decide it's not your style, but we promise you won't be disappointed! If you have been seeking the perfect designer quality bomber jacket, but are reluctant due to the price tag of other brands, this jacket won't let you down! 


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