Doing our bit

Satin is without doubt one of the most elegant and luxurious fabrics made by man. 
It is cruelty free and extremely versatile. But it doesn't come completely guilt free .. when trying to remain a sustainable choice of fabric. 

At Satin & Sox we source products that are high quality and will stand the test of time. All of our garments are made in factories that do not test on animals, or use any animal products in their production process. We try to reduce the use of dangerous chemicals entering our water systems and our factories take disposal and cleaning of chemicals very seriously. 
With all that taken care of, the last thing we want is for our products to be sent to landfill when they are no longer required by our customers. 
We offer a reward scheme for recycling our garments. Satin can be remade into thousands of alternative items at very little cost. Ribbons for gifts, hair ties, and bows are all extremely easy to make from a nice piece of satin. If you are the crafty kind who would upcycle your satin then we salute you! But we realise not everyone has the time or the passion to take on these tasks. 
satin sox eco friendly
If you return your used Satin & Sox garments to our UK office we can recycle the material or donate it to charity AND give you a reward for your efforts. Just contact us here to receive a postage label, and you can choose to receive a special gift or discount on your next purchase! 
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