Our Story and Company Ethics



Satin & Sox began as a small family owned boutique and vintage clothing stall, selling organic novelty socks and ethical satin items alongside designer vintage clothing and evening dresses. We quickly expanded to become an established retailer for special occasion party wear, sourcing affordable attire for events and special occasions, such as waistcoats and bow ties for weddings and parties. We now proudly source seasonal clothing and gifts, making strides in 2022 to become a brand known for its special occasion and seasonal collections.  

Based in the UK we stock some of our items in the UK office and some items in our store are sourced from global suppliers. We work with manufacturers in the UK, Turkey, USA and China. This means delivery times can vary across our range. All of our products are verified and sampled for their quality, and guarantee to meet our expectations and high standards. 

We are committed to bringing quality service and follow these pillars for excellent customer care:
Dedicated customer services available to chat online and resolve any customer queries
Full refund on returned items no questions asked. See our refund policy if you need more information.
Secure payments system using Shop Pay. PCI compliant so every transaction is safe. 
Recycle and reward scheme for customers who send us their unwanted clothing. We strive to find the best solution for recycling synthetic and man made fabrics and award store credit or a discount on future purchases.