London's Hottest Trends for Autumn / Winter 2022.

London's Hottest Trends for Autumn / Winter 2022.

 As summer draws to an end it’s time to dig out my autumn winter capsule and find those new 2022 must haves.


The vibrant colours of summer are still relevant throughout fall and the gorgeous greens, pinks and purples are set to brighten up any wardrobe. In addition reds are equally as popular over the winter months, but if bright colours aren’t you’re style, perhaps bringing colour or patterns into your wardrobe with accessories would be a great first step.

I love leopard print so being one of this seasons biggest prints has me really excited to find some new bits, again if prints aren’t a regular feature in your wardrobe, try a scarf or bag that’ll bring that ‘pop’ of colour or pattern without being too much for your personal tastes.


Long skirts and dresses are big for this party season and sequins on anything will always make a statement.


We’re all aware that bootcut and flared trousers are taking over our trusty skinny jeans which have stayed ‘fashionable’ for over a decade. That said, wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy! The ripped jeans style is also phasing out and if you want to look classy then best avoid them for a night out.

If I learnt anything from the 2000’s it’s that long jeans and English weather will leave you with wet trousers for most of the day so I’ll be leaning toward skirts and dresses.

The ra ra skirt is huge at the moment, skirt or dress this style is set to feature heavily for the next couple years so this would be a good investment.


Now the weathers changed it’s all about practicality and keeping warm, over sized knitwear is great for layering up and keeping you warm. As bright colours are on trend, but they’re not for you, there are alternative styles or colours available, on our website so nobody is left out!


We’re lucky that satin and silk are hugely popular this A/W for every garment type. This material just glides across the body and can be one of the most flattering materials to wear. Almost every designer has featured this material and we love it!


Over sized two piece suits are likely to dominate autumn now that we need jackets. If this is a look you like but aren’t sure, just try a blazer, it’ll give a stylish look without going full suit.

Houndstooth (and little brother Dogtooth) is another print that’s big this season and because its such a classic print that works well with the rich colours of winter and muted shades in autumn. It also works well for a blazers so if you’d rather add print over a bright colour, that’s a great option.


Talking about muted shades, this is what autumn is all about, the caramel browns, greens, creams and other neutrals tones are the staple of my autumn winter capsule wardrobe, and this is where I work from when buying new things. Good quality items are what we look for so they can be used year after year.

Coats and jackets for the season are mostly the same as the last few years, teddy bear coats are featuring less and padded puffer coats more so. A coat is an investment and you should always consider what you wear before choosing one. A leather jacket is a great investment and will go with anything.


Woolly tights for A/W are a must have ladies, we don’t want to be cold! If you’re feeling brave, a pair in a bold colour would add a bit of fun to any outfit.


‘Chunky’ boots are still a must have and this year sees the chunky loafers really take off. Cream or black are the most popular, but If they’re not your thing then ballet pumps are making a comeback. Red and pink shoes are everywhere this season along with chunky platform sandals and the stiletto.


2023 will see peasant style filter down from the catwalk and some stores are featuring this style already which I love. Lace and embroidery details on garments are fantastic and I can’t wait to see this style blow up.


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